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My work always starts with a handmade base, like a drawing, a paper-cut or a handmade stamp. With that base I play around digitally to come to my final patterns. I love to make collections where I work with one hero and create matching companions in different colours, but in the same colour scheme.


Sometimes it starts with a theme and sometimes it starts with a single creation where I build on. In both cases I make a moodboard to visualize the theme and sources of inspiration, both for colours and for shapes and forms. Here you can see 4 of my collections including the moodboards.

transparant flowers.jpg

Transparent Flowers is a collection where I played with dark, light, overlap and transparency. The base is the geometric shape of a squashed oval, but with a playful placement and composition it becomes an organic flower or leaves that have been thrown around.

website headers22.jpg

Evening Party is a colorful collection of patterns, inspired on garlands, string lights and confetti on a beautiful summer night.

website headers23.jpg

Kabuki is Japanese traditional theater, that is known for its high aesthetics in performances, costumes and set designs. it occurs with different expressions, more dynamic and more static expressions. For the hero pattern I used a dynamic expression as inspiration. It is colorful, playful, floral and outgoing. You can find that in the floral hero. For the matching patterns I also took elements from the more static form, that is more graphic, modest and using less colors. I recolored the 3 supporting patterns in a black and blue variation.

website headers2.jpg

Indian nights, Indian spices is a collection that started with a colour palette. The colours are from Spice Colours from LAB ECO Paint, by Marie-Gon. She inspired them on the spices from India. I combined 3 of the spice colours with different shades of blue, that are also part of her collection. They remind me of the beautiful sunsets and nights in India. The shapes are inspired by the beautiful aesthetic flo-wers that are all around you in India.

website headers24.jpg

Play florals, I love flowers and believe that a nice collection of them in a room makes a house a home. That also counts for floral patterns. I played around with the shapes of flowers, buds and leaves and made them more graphic. I also worked with different types op repetition and sizes. For the colour scheme I used the greyish tones of greens, blues and pinks. That might not be the colours you naturally think of with flowers, but you actually see quite often in nature.

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